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If the crisis involves domestic or sexual violence, discrimination due to caste or sexuality, grief or academic pressure, we have curated a list of organisations working in these psychosocial spaces that you can reach out to for help.


If you or someone you know has already attempted suicide or engaged in severe self-harm, you should:

1. Call the National Ambulance Service at 102 or 108
2. Go to the nearest hospital emergency room

steps to take if you are experiencing suicidal thoughts

Tell someone how you’re feeling

Reach out to someone you trust and tell them how you are feeling. This could be a friend or family member, a crisis helpline, or an online/telephone support service.

Pause/postpone acting on your thoughts

Attempt to pause or postpone acting on your thoughts of suicide for a day, to let the moment pass.

Eliminate access to harmful objects

Remove access to anything you could use to harm yourself; this will create a safer space in which to navigate your thoughts.

Find a reason to live

Identify people or things such as an object, a photograph, a letter, etc., which are important to you to remind you of hope for the future or reasons to live.

Distract yourself with anything else

Think of any way that can take your mind away from your current thoughts of suicide.

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