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I was an introvert child from my childhood. I would be alone, shy, and avoid interaction with people. I was weak in all domains, academically and non-academically, physically and mentally. I was given speech therapy during my childhood and was taught basic lifestyles, for example how to wear clothes, what types of clothes to wear on occasions, and how to tie button. I was a corner child with no friends. I made my first friend in 9th grade. I was weak academically, and physically and had to go through lots of scolding from all.

I used to work hard but the hard work didn’t pay off. Being surrounded with lots of challenges, difficulties, scoldings, bullying, being physically weak, antisocial and having no talents-I was stuck with lots of psychological, and emotional distress. I started avoiding people and living alone publicly and socially. As my age started to increase, my skills and abilities started decreasing. I became a failure in life. A girl with no talent. I started avoiding my life situations. I left hope of being normal. 

Family is our power. In my case, my mom supported me in my whole journey. To every scolding there was hidden love. Just because of her and her hard work, I somehow managed to clear my class 10th with 69%, never thinking that I would. I realized and got a hope that yes, maybe I can also do something, this ray of hope ain't got to fail. I changed my school and started a new life with a promise to myself to change everything. To be the better version of myself I started participating, made two friends, killed my shyness with putting efforts in activities, and interactions. 

Yes, it was difficult for me but I did. From getting the title of failure to becoming topper scoring 69% to 95% yes, I made it. From being not talented to learning painting and creativity all by myself. Yes, I did change myself, even though I am antisocial even today. But yes, I managed to become a better version of myself. To every problem there is a hope. We should believe in ourselves and capabilities, as we have that universal power to change everything. If I can, you can and we all can. Instead of ending our lives, we see only this as a solution to a problem. Let's try not to do that and fix this together. Even I had these thoughts being through bullying, body shaming, scolding and being a joke that others use to crack. I thought about ending my life but yes with lots of support from my family I conquered my difficult phase of life and today I am proud of myself.

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